Getting Started/FAQs

The video above will give you an overview of how to navigate this course and use the resources provided.

In general, you should feel empowered to use this course to meet your learning needs. Use the resources, materials, and strategies in a way that support your own learning goals.

Remember that this MOOC-Ed is self-directed. You do not have to go through the course in order or follow along at a particular place. We will open one unit per week, but if you “fall behind” know that, once open, each unit will remain open for you for the duration of the course.

Throughout the MOOC-Ed you will have opportunities to engage in discussions with your colleagues from around the globe. The discussion forums can be accessed in two ways: first, as part of each unit there will be at least one page with a discussion forum. You can access this way using the left navigation bar. Second, you can access all of the forum discussions by clicking on the “forum” button on the top menu bar. You can learn more by watching the video tutorial here.

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