Welcome to Unit 4!

Welcome to Unit 4!

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Unit 4 focuses on student motivation. This unit explores the science behind motivation, the difference between engagement and motivation, and content-based strategies you can use to develop motivation in your grade/ subject area. Throughout the unit, you will be encouraged to partner with your students - it’s critical for building and supporting students’ intrinsic motivation! We begin by introducing you to Travis, a student with ADHD and other learning disabilities who learned at an early age he wasn't motivated in the typical ways. He shares how his teacher, Mrs. O, helped him motivate himself and persevere in the face of challenges from high school on to college.

You can access Unit 4 by clicking here or by clicking on the link at the bottom of the home page at

Things to look for in Unit 4:

  • Micro-Credentials (badges)! The third stack of micro-credentials
  • Coaches corner


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