Learn more about earning micro-credentials in the Learning Differences MOOC

Learn more about earning micro-credentials in the Learning Differences MOOC

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Hello Learning Differences MOOC participants!

We are so excited to be piloting a set of Learning Differences teacher micro-credentials you can earn in this course on working memory, executive function, and motivation.

Each unit has a “stack” of five micro-credentials designed to first deepen your own understanding of the content and then encourage you to partner with a targeted student to deepen his or her understanding of the targeted construct and to enact a plan that will support him or her.

We know that many of you all are on summer vacation, however the first badge in each unit focuses on the content presented in this course. All you have to do is demonstrate your understanding by submitting a few short responses. Then, when you’re back in your classroom we hope that you will identify a student you believe will benefit from learning more and receiving targeted support. The course and the badges will remain open to you until you are ready to walk through the process presented in the badges. If you’re in school and have a student in mind - great! If not, there is no rush! As you complete the badges, remember that the Friday Institute is able to award a Certificate of Completion for 10 additional hours of Professional Development (or 1 CEU in North Carolina) for each full stack of micro-credentials completed, whenever you complete them.

So what’s stopping you? We’re excited to start giving badges! To read more about the badges in the course, click here. To watch a quick video tutorial that explains what badges are and how you can earn them in the course, watch the video here.