Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning

Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning is an innovative train-the-trainer approach to building leadership capacity to implement blended and digital learning in states, districts and schools. Developed by the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University, the program provides principals and other school leaders with a rich and engaging blended experience where they learn to transform their schools with blended and digital learning and personalize education for their students.

Program Structure
The program's core components include:

  1. Three-day facilitator training at the Friday Institute for a team of educators who will be prepared to deliver Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning for principals and other leaders in their state, district or organization
  2. Curriculum and materials for Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning for trained facilitators to deliver for multiple cohorts of school leaders
  3. Technology and infrastructure to deliver Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning using Friday Institute’s Platform
  4. Ongoing support for organization leaders and trained facilitators through ongoing professional learning focused on leadership and blended learning

Learning Goals
Participation in the program will enable school leaders to:

  • Understand and differentiate between various models of blended and digital learning
  • Create clear goals for blended and digital learning in their states, districts and schools
  • Establish a culture in their school community that supports blended learning
  • Engage stakeholder support for blended and digital learning
  • Identify digital tools and curriculum that support blended and digital learning
  • Use digital tools and social media for their own professional practice and to model the use of blended/digital learning
  • Support teachers' transition to blended learning
  • Understand the infrastructure needs blended and digital learning programs require
  • Develop and implement a Blended and Digital Learning Road Map for their schools
  • Participate in a network of school leaders implementing blended and digital learning
  • Learn to use data for program evaluation and continuous improvement
  • For more detailed information about the program, please visit http://pllc.fi.ncsu.edu/lbl/.