Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning

The Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning program will prepare principals to plan and implement personalized learning in their schools. The program includes a five-session course with online and face to face components that will enable principals to experience personalized and digital learning as learners.

Key questions that will be addressed include: What is personalized and digital learning? What are the goals of a personalized learning transition in my school? How do I establish a culture for personalized learning in my school? What supports do teachers need to transition to personalized learning? What systems need to be in place for a successful personalized learning transition? How do I plan for sustainability of the personalized learning initiatives? These questions and more will be explored through online resources, on and offline activities, online and face-to-face discussions, group activities, presentations, multimedia explorations, and hands-on experience with technology tools used in personalizing learning.

Throughout the program, participants will be working on a Personalized and Digital Learning Road Map which will serve as a final product and help participants plan and implement the transition to personalized learning in their schools. At the completion of the course, principals will be supported by an ongoing community with other principals in their district and beyond who are implementing personalized learning innovations.


As a result of this course, principals will know and be able to:

  • Understand why personalized and digital learning is important for students and explore models to support this learning.
  • Create clear goals for personalized and digital learning in their schools.
  • Establish a culture in their school community that supports personalized and digital learning.
  • Engage stakeholder support for personalized and digital learning.
  • Identify digital tools and curriculum that support personalized and digital learning in their schools.
  • Develop systems that support the transition to personalized and digital learning.
  • Use digital tools and social media for their own professional practice and lifelong learning so that they can model the use of blended and digital learning.
  • Support teachers' transition to personalized and digital learning with ongoing professional development and evaluation.
  • Understand the infrastructure needs personalized and digital learning programs require.
  • Develop and implement a Personalized and Digital Learning Road Map for their schools.
  • Participate in a network of principals implementing personalized and digital learning.
  • Learn to use data for program evaluation and continuous improvement.

Duration 2 Year Program Access
Primary Audience States, Districts, or Organizations that support school leadership in the digital learning transition through professional learning
Designed and Supported By Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative
Current Partner Organizations Central Ohio
Department of Education Wyoming
Learning Technology Center, IL
North Carolina


Central Ohio
North Carolina 2018-2019
North Carolina 2017-2018