AI with the FI: From Awareness to Advocacy

By the end of the 2023-2024 school year, nearly four in 10 teachers expect to use artificial intelligence (AI) in their classrooms, but only about 20% feel prepared to use those tools. To address AI integration in classes, schools and districts and support the development of educators' AI fluency to effectively equip students for an AI-driven future, we developed our AI with the FI: From Awareness to Advocacy webinar series which ran in late 2023 through early 2024.

In response to participant feedback, we adapted the series into a course format which can be completed for professional development hours. Suitable for educators of all grade levels, subject areas, and skill abilities, this module takes educators through the stages of adoption, from developing awareness and interest to becoming advocates for generative AI in the classroom, and provides guidance around instructional practices with AI tools, relevant examples, practical resources, and direction for next steps.

Stages of AI adoption: Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Trial, Adoption, Advocacy
Adapted from Everett M. Rogers, 1962. Created by Emma Braaten at The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State University College of Education, 2023.

Course Objectives

  • Learn about AI's potential in education
  • Develop your AI fluency as an educator
  • Explore responsible AI use
  • Find efficiency and purpose for using AI in your practice
  • Identify key strategies for responsible AI in your classroom
  • Align AI with learner needs, academic integrity, and content standards
  • Learn from the AI experience and expertise of other educators
  • Advocate for AI as a digital leader

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To earn a certificate for 5 professional development hours which can be submitted to your local agency with a request for CEUs, you must:

  • View all four pre-recorded webinars
  • Complete and submit your Companion Workbook
  • Submit an artifact illustrating how you are using artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom with your learners
  • Reflect on your experience by completing a survey at the end of the module

The module is built around recordings of our four webinars originally offered in fall of 2023 through winter 2024. Each video is between 28 and 47 minutes long, and participants will have access to the webinar slides and links to all the resources, tools, and surveys referred to in the sessions and session chats. The activities, reflection questions, and tasks for each session are broken out into "Before You Watch" and "Activities" pages to guide you through, and we've provided an AI with the FI Companion Workbook document you can use to capture your explorations and reflections. If you are interested in earning a certificate for professional development hours, you will be required to submit your completed Workbook document at the end of the module.

Available On Demand
Duration 4 sections
Cost Free
Primary Audience K12 Classroom Educators
Certificate Available Yes
Certificate Hours 5
Developers Emma Braaten
Kimberly Farnsworth
Brittany Miller
Jaclyn Stevens
Russell Strand-Poole
Amy Walter