Module 4: Characteristics of Function Families

This module uses multiple technologies, a Desmos activity that uses tables and graphing tools and a GeoGebra activity that uses a simulation and spreadsheets, to explore the differences in rates of change in linear, quadratic, and exponential situations. Teachers will examine students using these technologies to build an understanding of different ways in which various attributes can change over time and consider the ways in which the technology supports students’ exploration and understanding of rate of change. Video clips, images of student work, and a pre-populated Desmos teacher dashboard provide a context for teachers to develop their noticing, selecting and sequencing, and questioning skills.

This module could be used alongside a Chapter from Teaching Algebra materials:

Chapter 5: Rate of Change.

For more details see the Module Overview document.

Two students working on Three Animals Race Task

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Module Elements

4.1 Avi and Benita’s Repair Shop Task

Teachers will engage with a Desmos activity in which they compare a linear and exponential payment structure.

4.2 Noticing Student Thinking: Avi and Benita's Repair Shop

Teachers engage with anticipating student thinking and noticing two pairs of students’ mathematical thinking as they make sense of linear and exponential growth.

4.3 Selecting and Sequencing: Avi and Benita's Repair Shop

Teachers practice using a Desmos Teacher Dashboard to select and sequence student responses for a class discussion.

4.4 Three Animals Race Task

Teachers engage in a GeoGebra task examining and comparing three different rates of change.

4.5 Noticing Student Thinking: Three Animals Race

Teachers engage with noticing two pairs of students’ thinking related to rate of change and how each pair of students use different technology representations to make sense of the different rates of change.

4.6 Assessing and Advancing Student Thinking: Three Animals Race

Teachers engage in noticing three different pairs of students’ written work and practice posing purposeful assessing and advancing questions.

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