Module 6: Key Features of Quadratic Functions

This module uses three Desmos tasks which focus on exploration of the effect of parameters on quadratic functions in vertex form. Video clips of student work provide the context for teachers to use noticing of student thinking and examine how particular design choices align with the learning and performance goals for each task.

This module could be used alongside a Chapter from Teaching Algebra materials:

Chapter 7: Function Families.

For more details see the Module Overview document.

Two students working with quadratic functions in Desmos

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Module Elements

6.1 Comparing and Contrasting Function Parameter Explorations: Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form

Teachers will engage in three Desmos tasks to examine the effect of parameters on the parent function of a quadratic function and identify appropriate performance goals for each task.

6.2 Matching Learning Goals to Task Design: Quadratic Function Parameter Explorations

Teachers will engage with noticing pairs of students engaging with each of the three Desmos tasks with a focus on the students’ language, engagement with the technology, and identify performance goals for each task.

6.3 Adapting an Existing Desmos Quadratic Parameter Task

Teachers will adapt an existing Desmos Activity so that it meets specific learning and performance goals and takes into consideration the design principles for effective technology-based tasks.

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