Module 7: Key Features of the Sine Function

This module uses a teacher-created Desmos activity which engages students in analyzing the sine graph through investigating the relationship between parameters of the sine function f(x)=asin(bx)+c and key characteristics of the graph of the sine function (i.e., amplitude, midline, and period). Video clips of the task launch with the whole class in a remote setting, and teacher monitoring of student thinking among multiple pairs of students (in both remote and face to face settings) provide a context for teachers to develop their noticing skills with a focus on eliciting and using student thinking.

This module could be used alongside a Chapter from Teaching Algebra materials:

Chapter 7: Function Families.

For more details see the Module Overview document.

Two students working with trig functions in Desmos

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Module Elements

7.1 Introduction to the Graph of the Sine Function

Teachers will engage with a Desmos Activity titled Introduction to the Sine Function in which they use sliders to examine the relationship between the parameters of the sine function and amplitude, midline, and period.

7.2 Launching a Technology Enhanced Math Task

Teachers will consider the characteristics of an effective technology task launch when examining a video clip of the launch of the Introduction to Sine activity.

7.3 Noticing Student-Teacher Interactions

Teachers practice using technology to respond to students with the goal of advancing student thinking.

7.4 Monitoring Student Thinking: Introduction to the Sine Function

Teachers practice monitoring student thinking using the Desmos Teacher Dashboard.

7.5 Noticing Student Thinking about Amplitude

Teachers engage with noticing one pair of students as they are making sense of which parameters of the sine function are related to the amplitude of the function.

7.6 Noticing Student Thinking about Period

Teachers engage with noticing one pair of students as they are making sense of the relationship between the value of b (i.e., the coefficient of x) and the period of a sine function.

7.7 Designing a Sequence of Tasks

Teachers design a technology enhanced task to follow the Introduction to the Sine Graph task.

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