Module 0: Introduction to Noticing Student Thinking in a Technology-mediated Environment

This is an introductory module to familiarize teachers with professional noticing of students’ mathematical thinking and consider what it looks like to notice students’ thinking in a technology-mediated environment. We introduce the Noticing in a Technology-mediated learning Environment [NITE] framework and connections between teacher noticing and the 5 practices for orchestrating productive discussions.

Students analyzing quadratic graphs

Module Elements

0.1 Introduction to Professional Noticing in a Technology Mediated Environment

Teachers are explicitly introduced to a framework for professional noticing of students’ mathematical thinking in a technology mediated environment and consider how the framework is situated within the 5 Practices for Productive Mathematics Discussions. As part of the introduction, Teachers compare carefully chosen noticing exemplars from the Quadratic Functions - Making Sense of “h” task.

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