Last Call for Certificates of Completion

Last Call for Certificates of Completion

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Last Call for Certificates

As a quick reminder, this next Wednesday, September 30th, is the final day to complete the Learning Differences requirements and earn a certificate of completion.

To receive a certificate of completion for 20 hours of professional development, you will have to: (1) verify that they spent at least 20 hours participating in the course; (2) participated in the discussions and entered at least six postings; (3) submitted the final project; and (4) provided feedback to at least three others’ projects.

To receive a certificate of completion with a coaching component for 25 hours of professional development, (1) you will have to do all the requirements listed above; (2) complete the coaching action plan and post it to the forum; and (3) review three other participants’ action plans.

You can submit the certificate of completion to your local agency with a request for CEUs, PDPs, or whatever is used in your state or country. Granting of credits will, of course, be subject to the policies and procedures of your local agency.

Unfortunately, the course must eventually close. When it closes on October 31st, the resource lists in the units will no longer be available to you, but the resources themselves are open for all, any time. We highly recommend that you save or bookmark the resources you found particularly valuable and would like to return to. Here are a few ways you can store the materials for later access:

  1. Bookmarking. All web browsers have a way to add bookmarks. If you don't know how to bookmark, try googling "how to bookmark a page in _____" (internet explorer, google chrome, safari, or mozilla firefox). There are a lot of videos and step-by-step guides available for help.
  2. Evernote Web Clipper. Evernote has an app and a Google Chrome extension you can use to save entire websites or to clip pieces and parts you find most useful. And, with an account, you can access it from any device you may use.
  3. Pocket. Pocket is a web-based bookmarking tool that allows you to save websites, articles, and videos for later. They're different in that you can save things to pocket from websites as well as apps such as twitter, facebook, or flipboard.
  4. Diigo. If you want to share resources with others, this is a great tool. Often described as "social bookmarking," Diigo allows you and those you share with to post resources (with annotations!) to a shared page for later reference.

#all_learn - Alive and Kickin'!

Finally, we are continuing to post on Twitter! If you find a great resource or a thought you want to share, we hope you will post using the hashtag #all_learn.

Fall Learning Differences Course

We will be running the course again this Fall, starting September 28th. We hope you will share it with your colleagues and/or join us again. You can enroll by clicking here or going to

Need Help?

Having issues downloading your certificate of completion? Fill out the MOOC-Ed Support Form and we'll do our best to solve your problems.

Thank you all!


The Learning Differences MOOC-Ed Team