Course requirements reminder & Fall MOOC-Ed

Course requirements reminder & Fall MOOC-Ed

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Happy Friday!

As a reminder, all of the course materials are still available for you to use. If you want a certificate of completion for 20 hours of professional development you must complete the course requirements by September 30, 2015. Once you’ve met the requirements, a certificate of completion will automatically be generated for you to download within Unit 6. If you have any questions about this process, email our Support staff.

The course will remain online for you to access resources and to pursue the learning differences badges. This is an excellent opportunity for you to catch up on any units you may have gotten behind on and we hope you will!

If you would like to join us for the fall course (or have colleagues you think might be interested) you can sign up for the course at

Thank you for joining us in the Learning Differences MOOC-Ed. The reflections you all have shared and the mantras you've created have been inspiring to our team. Thank you for learning with us, for sharing your time, and for being champions for all of your students' needs.

-- The Learning Differences MOOC-Ed Team