Unit 6 is open + request a certificate of completion

Unit 6 is open + request a certificate of completion

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The MOOC-Ed team cannot believe that this is the final unit of our course. You all have been a tremendous group to learn with and we hope that you have gained some lasting knowledge to help you meet the needs of all of your students.

During Unit 6, Embracing a Growth Mindset, you will reflect upon the last six weeks and complete your final course product - a teaching mantra. This unit is all about taking the constructs you learned about, internalizing them, and applying them to your teaching practice in a positive, constructive, and lasting way. Along the way, you will hear how meeting the needs of one student changed not only his life, but the lives of his siblings and their entire family.

You can access Unit 6 by clicking here or by logging in at and scrolling down to the links at the bottom page.

Worried that you “got behind” or need additional time?
No problem! All of the course materials will continue to be available. However, if you want a Certificate of Completion for 20/25 hours of professional development, you must complete the course requirements by September 30th, 2015. A certificate of completion will automatically appear in the course. You can learn more about this process here.

Additionally, if you have completed the coaching modules, an additional certificate for 5 hours (0.5 CEUs) will appear after you have met the requirements outlined.

Want to continue to learn and apply this knowledge to your practice?
We hope you’ll consider earning the badges. As you know, we are piloting these in the course and have really enjoyed seeing what you’ve submitted. To earn the full stack you must 1) demonstrate your knowledge, 2) share it with students and build their agency, 3) collect data on a targeted student, 4) implement a strategy to support that student, and then 5) connect with others to share what you’ve learned. You can do this in THREE stacks: Working Memory, Executive Function, and Student Motivation.

Unit 6 Twitter Chat
This week, we invite you all to participate in our learning differences Twitter chat! We will be joining forces with and their #LDchat from 12-1 PM EST on Wednesday, August 19. We invite all of you to engage in a meaningful conversation on executive functioning issues with parents, teachers and administrators from around the world. We will send along more information later this week.

Thanks for your ongoing participation and commitment to meeting the needs of all of our students, no matter their learning needs. We appreciate you!


The Learning Differences MOOC-Ed Team