Presentation: Open Source Customizations for MOOC-Ed

In June of 2016, Mark Samberg, the Technology Innovations Lead at the Friday Institute, had the opportunity to share the extensive modifications that we've made to our open source learning environment to serve the goals of the MOOC-Ed Initiative. Mark's presentation at the MoodleMoot US 2016 conference consisted of the following seven sections:
  1. Overview of the MOOC-Ed initiative and its goals 
  2. Description of the non-negotiable technical requirements that are required to meet these goals (e.g., access to data, design flexibility, ability to scale, cost effectiveness, etc.) 
  3. Overview of our move from Google Coursebuilder to Moodle 
  4. Specific customizations made to our Moodle instance to enable a successful transition (e.g., sidebar, video resources, resource ratings, custom theming, etc.)
  5. Opportunity for attendees to experience our Moodle instance for themselves
  6. Future directions
  7. Questions and follow-up discussion

Link to download slides