Participant Perspectives: Constance Seibert

Constance Seibert, a media specialist and National Board Certified Teacher, was kind enough to give us ten minutes of her valuable time to talk about her experiences - yes, plural - with the Learning Differences course. Not only did Constance take the course, but she enjoyed it so much that she returned to it as a facilitator to guide a professional learning network.

Watch the video to see why the guiding principle of self-direction was especially important to Constance, and how a little “green cone of awesome” from the dollar store made a big difference in Constance’s classroom!

About the course: In order to help you change the way your students learn, the Learning Differences course will expand your knowledge related to learning differences, provide actionable strategies to impact the learning experience of your students, and cultivate a growth mindset related to learning differences. All MOOC-Eds are guided by the principles that effective professional development is peer-supported, self-directed, job-embedded, and exposes you to multiple perspectives.

We are able to provide the Learning Differences course at no charge thanks to support from the Oak Foundation.

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