MOOCs From the Viewpoint of the Learner: A Response to Perna et al. (2014)

MOOC-Ed researchers Dr. Eric Wiebe, Isaac Thompson, and Dr. Tara Behrend respond to a previous article in Educational Researcher that studied MOOCs with a systems level view of behaviors where a student traverses from one end to the other of the system without any acknowledgement of student agency in learning. The authors assert that, instead, researchers should be applying mature psychological models of human agency to guide emerging data-mining tools, which not only leverage the largely untapped reservoirs of log data in a manner that leads to a better understanding of motivation and self-regulation but also inform the next generation of scalable learning environments.

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Wiebe, E., Thompson, I., & Behrend, T. (2015). MOOCs from the viewpoint of the learner: A response to Perna et al. (2014). Educational Researcher, 44, 252-254. doi:10.3102/0013189X15584774