Book Chapter: Going to Scale with Online Professional Development

From the chapter:

The Friday Institute’s Massive Open Online Courses for Educators (MOOC-Eds) initiative builds upon our prior work designing, implementing and researching small cohort, facilitated online workshops through the EDC EdTech Leaders Online program and online professional learning communities, cohorts, and courses at the Friday Institute.

This initiative was designed to explore whether MOOC-like approaches could be adapted to:

  • Address the professional development needs of many educators––teachers, instructional coaches, and school and district administrators;
  • Incorporate research-based principles of effective professional development;
  • Provide scalable, accessible, cost-effective professional development.

Beginning in 2012, we launched a set of MOOC-Eds for district and school leaders and educators. These MOOC-Eds build upon four major design principles that reflect research-based practices for educators’ professional learning: multiple voices, self-directed learning, peer-supported learning and job-connected learning. We then developed instructional elements—specific things that participants use and do–that instantiate these principles in the courses. We have an active research program, using the extensive data available to explore participants’ self-directed learning paths, interaction patterns for peer-supported learning, the value of different types of resources and activities, and the impact of MOOC-Eds on participants’ knowledge and practices. This chapter will summarize what we have done and learned so far, with an emphasis on design principles and how they are incorporated into specific instructional elements within the MOOC-Eds.

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Kleiman, Glenn M., & Wolf, Mary Ann (2016). Going to Scale with Online Professional Development: The Friday Institute MOOCs for Educators (MOOC-Ed) Initiative. In Dede, C., Eisenkraft, A., Frumin, K., & Hartley, A. (Eds.), Teacher Learning in the Digital Age: Online Professional Development in STEM Education (pp. 49-68). Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.